Supporting initiatives to revive the economy

With this panorama, WeGoo becomes the perfect opportunity to achieve the economic reactivation of this important sector.

Software Containers: What, Why, and What for?

As the title of this article says, its purpose is to expose, a little, about the famous software containers and the reason for their well-earned fame.

Full Stack Developer: Myth or Reality?

We are talking about a developer capable of designing and implementing projects, both on the server-side and on the client-side.

A brief reflection on the pandemic from a stoic point of view

In my spaces of reflection, I usually think about death; in fact, I often think about that topic that makes people so uncomfortable.

Activities for successful retrospectives

Is there a single activity through which we can evaluate the work and progress of our team successfully? There is not, but there are plenty of activities and tools that will help us see progress, mood, and different difficulties of our teams.

This is Angular

One of the main differences would be that Angularjs is a framework for web development created by Google and Angular, which was initially called Angular 2, it was originally seen as the next version of Angularjs, but due to the change between these two versions since they are not backward compatible, they are taken as two different frameworks. Angularjs is kept for Angular 1.x versioning and in higher versions only Angular name is kept.

Testing and the importance of its planning

It is very common for developers to think that their code is error-free since they wrote it themselves.

Programmer, easy and fast?

Lately, I have seen that there are organizations on the Internet that offer programming courses by advertising that leads people to think that learning to program is easy and fast; and that anyone can do it.

Monitoring remote teams

We decided 18 months ago to look for a methodology that allows us to challenge our company to the accomplishment of the corporate goals.

A time of crisis, a time of opportunities

We won’t talk about the crisis. We have enough with the large amount of information that we receive, but on the contrary, we will talk about the opportunities that are in it.