From Spring Boot to NodeJS

The title of this article may seem confusing, due to Spring Boot is a framework for developing backend applications in Java, while NodeJS is a Runtime Environment (RTE).

DevOps methodology that everyone is talking about

DevOps is one of the most mentioned terms, currently, by software development companies and in the IT industry.

Git, more than a versioning tool

One of the inherent concerns of software development is version control. For this, various tools such as CVS, SVN, Git.

Teamwork, problems and how to fix them

One of the most demanded and appreciated proficiency in organizations is teamwork, and it isn’t an easy one to develop.

Punish me if I don’t fail!

Historically, the countries that produce raw materials, such as Colombia, don’t usually generate development or industry.

Flutter in Cidenet

Technology advances in hasty steps and reducing development times, without neglecting product quality.

Cidenet and the innovation

Cidenet is a company that provides software development services and has extensive experience in developing custom solutions.