Staff Augmentation

We assign high-quality software development profiles

At Cidenet, we provide customized assignment of critical roles in IT projects, including Developers, Scrum Masters/Product Owners, Quality Analysts, Technical Leads, Architects, and UX/UI Designers. Our approach focuses on fully adapting to each client's specific needs, ensuring that each assignment is best suited for your project's unique objectives and challenges.


Expansion of existing development teams

Hire our service when your IT department is well established but needs to expand with external talent. This is ideal for projects that require specialized skills quickly or to increase capacity without the wait times associated with traditional hiring processes.

Optimization of operating costs

If your goal is to reduce operating costs without compromising quality and efficiency, staff augmentation is an effective strategy. By incorporating external talent only when necessary, you can maintain a variable and more controllable cost structure, adapting to market demands with flexibility.

Delegation of hiring to experts

When you prefer to focus on the core activities of your business and delegate recruiting and staff management to experts, our staff augmentation service is the ideal solution. It allows you to free yourself from the complexities of hiring, while ensuring that trained, pre-screened professionals join your teams quickly.


The type of profile of our professionals is classified according to years of experience and specialization. Profiles available through our Staff Augmentation service include:

Technical leader

Our Technical Leader ensures the technical quality of the solutions, supports the team of developers and facilitates the creation of scalable and flexible solutions.


Our Developers turn dreams into reality, building software solutions that exceed expectations and stand out for their innovation and adaptability.

UX/UI Designer

Our UX/UI Designer collaborates closely with the client from conception to graphic prototyping, enriching the end user experience.

Product Owner

Our Product Owner defines product expectations and guides the development team with clear descriptions through user stories, ensuring that the final product meets market requirements.

Quality Analysts

Our Quality Analysts ensure that each delivery meets the highest quality standards, perform systematic testing and ensure a flawless user experience.

Software Architects

Our Software Architects design the underlying structure of our solutions, ensuring they are robust, secure and scalable, and create architectures that support long-term growth and evolution.

Other services


We assign a complete team, specialized in software development, to meet all the needs of our clients. We collaborate closely with each client to ensure effective and collaborative project management. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, guaranteeing high quality results and punctual deliveries.