Our History

10 years impacting people's lives through technology

In recent years, Cidenet has had a remarkable growth in the number of people who believe in the company. In 2019 there were 52 people and this 2022 there are already more than 110: the team grew by more than 50% in just three years.

Talents have been working from different cities in Colombia such as Medellín, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Santa Marta, Ibagué, Pereira, Barranquilla, Manizales, Armenia, Neiva, Valledupar, Tunja, Popayán and Bogotá; and from different countries such as the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and France.

Here are the most important events of Cidenet's trajectory in these 10 years:

  • Historia de Cidenet

    2012: Foundation of Cidenet

    Five professionals had the initiative to have a research and development center in new technologies in Medellin, Colombia. In this year, Cidenet was created as a company that provided software development services of any kind.

  • 2013: Our first client

    ITC was Cidenet's first client. For two years, 95% of the company's billing depended on him. This high dependency made the negotiation position very weak and there was a latent risk of closing.

  • 2014: Creation of the commercial area

    A commercial area was structured, with only one person who was 100% dedicated to prospecting clients and exploring new business in the market. This resulted in two new clients, including CadenaApps.

  • 2015: Sale of capacity per person

    In the negotiation with Cadena, Cidenet decided to offer a work model not associated to hours; but associated to the sale of monthly capacity per person with a fixed monthly price.

  • 2016: Teamwork model

    Cidenet found value in offering a work team model formed by developers and a scrum master with a technical background. This made a difference in the market.

  • 2017: Star service and new clients

    The team-based model became Cidenet's star service and achieved major clients in Colombia and Central America who today continue with the company: Arus, F2X, Banco Ficohsa and Ficohsa Seguros.

  • 2018: Different business models

    Cidenet explored a different business model, specifically for an opportunity with Sura Colombia, where they required to have profiles with knowledge in some specific programming languages.

  • 2019: Market in the United States

    Cidenet LLC, the company in the United States, was created with the advice of an American consultant and the strategy of attending Trade Shows specialized in technology was implemented. In this way, the first sales in this market were achieved.

  • Contacto cidenet

    2020: Definition of services

    Cidenet defined its services: custom software development (traditional factory model) and managed capacity (staff augmentation). The team started to grow in terms of number of people and the organizational structure was consolidated in different administrative and operations areas.

  • 2021: Education for young people and job opportunities

    Cidenet in its quest to contribute to improving the quality of life of people and promote economic and social growth, opened a program to train young people in software development and employ them in the company.

  • 2022: Expansion and continued growth

    Cidenet opens its new office in Medellin, Colombia. It also participates in the creation of the ConverTIC program, which seeks to train people over 30 years of age in software development to provide them with a new job opportunity. On the other hand, Cidenet joined forces with iData to create a brand in the United States: Aztia.

Finally, it should be emphasized that for Cidenet people are very important and commemorating the anniversary day and the achievements of each year has become a tradition. For this reason, the company makes an effort to manage the mobilization of all its talents from anywhere in the world, to share and celebrate in person, the progress that has been made over the years.

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