How to maximize your professional opportunities with Cidenet?

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At Cidenet, we acknowledge the importance of connecting talented professionals with job opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations. To facilitate this connection, we have a database where individuals can register, enabling direct contact when new opportunities arise. In this interview, we speak with Milena Carvajal, Talent Acquisition Analyst at Cidenet, who shares valuable insights about the registration process and the benefits it entails.

Q: What are the benefits of registering in Cidenet's database for candidates?

Milena: By registering in our database, you will have the chance to be prioritized for participation in our selection process if an opportunity matching your profile and expectations arises, eliminating the need for repetitive applications. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood of being considered ahead of those who are not registered. Your registration not only demonstrates long-term interest but also positions you as a valuable candidate for our company.

Q: Could you explain in detail the registration process and what information is crucial for candidates to provide?

Milena: We have a fairly straightforward registration process. Through our form, available in either English or Spanish based on your preference, you will provide required personal and professional information, some complementary details, and your resume. It's crucial to provide as comprehensive information as possible to be considered for an opportunity that truly matches what you are looking for.

Q: How does Cidenet ensure the confidentiality of information provided during registration in the database?

Milena: Maintaining the confidentiality of candidate information upon registration in our database is a fundamental priority. Our transparent privacy policies ensure candidates understand how we handle their information, and only authorized personnel needing access can reach it, using security measures like encryption and authentication. We implement secure data deletion when it's no longer necessary. Thus, we commit to maintaining information confidentiality and building a trustworthy relationship with those relying on us for their professional opportunities.

Q: What kind of job opportunities usually arise at Cidenet, and how do they align with profiles registered in the database?

Milena: At Cidenet, job opportunities generally revolve around the technology sector, particularly in software development. This allows us to consider candidates skilled in technologies, programming languages, or software development tools. These opportunities may consider individuals with various levels of experience, and depending on what candidates register in our database, they could align with emerging opportunities. Ultimately, the personnel managing the attraction and selection process validates the fit of registered candidates' profiles in the database.

Q: Are there significant differences between completing the registration form in English and Spanish, or is it simply a matter of candidate preference?

Milena: There are not really any differences; it's more about candidate preference and language proficiency. In that regard, if English is your native language, it's advisable to fill out the form in your language. Alternatively, if you have an advanced level of proficiency, you could also complete it in English.

Q: Regarding sending the resume via email, are there any specific preferences or recommendations regarding the format or information to include in the email to

Milena: In this case, we suggest specifying the subject clearly, mentioning the name and the job opportunity of interest. Additionally, in the body of the message, providing a general profile description and mentioning the professional interests being sought is beneficial. However, it is essential to note that sending the resume via email is not the same as completing the form, as the form provides more detail and greater visibility.

Create your professional future with Cidenet. Register in our database and become part of a dynamic community focused on growth. By joining us, you open doors to exciting job opportunities in the technology sector. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you; make your profile stand out and let us find you!

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