We create technological solutions adapted to your needs

At Cidenet, we understand that each project is unique. Therefore, we assign a complete team of professionals to cover all the software development needs of our clients. We work hand in hand with each client, managing the project from conception to completion.


Comprehensive management of development teams

We handle 100% of the management of development teams, ensuring that each stage of the project is executed to perfection.

Continuous interaction

We maintain constant interaction with the project through regular meetings in the agile SCRUM framework. This methodology allows us to adapt quickly to changes and ensure continuous progress.

Flexibility in implementation

We implement modifications throughout the course of the project to optimize the final product. This ensures that we can adjust our strategies and tactics based on emerging needs.

Functional delivery guarantee

We commit to delivering a working product at the end of each development sprint, meeting all agreed specifications and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Scrum Master

Our Scrum Master effectively manages the SCRUM process, removes blockers that affect product delivery, and maintains project pace and quality.

Technical leader

Our Technical Leader ensures the technical quality of the solutions, supports the team of developers and facilitates the creation of scalable and flexible solutions.


Our Developers turn dreams into reality, building software solutions that exceed expectations and stand out for their innovation and adaptability.

UX/UI Designer

Our UX/UI Designer collaborates closely with the client from conception to graphic prototyping, enriching the end user experience.

Product Owner

Our Product Owner defines product expectations and guides the development team with clear descriptions through user stories, ensuring that the final product meets market requirements.

Quality Analysts

Our Quality Analysts ensure that each delivery meets the highest quality standards, perform systematic testing and ensure a flawless user experience.

Software Architects

Our Software Architects design the underlying structure of our solutions, ensuring they are robust, secure and scalable, and create architectures that support long-term growth and evolution.

Other services

Staff Augmentation:

We adapt our services to the specific needs of each project, providing professional profiles such as Developers, Scrum Masters/Product Owners, Quality Analysts, Tech leads, Architects and UX/UI Designers. Our flexibility and adaptability allow us to integrate specialized talent directly into your teams, strengthening your operations and speeding up development.