We create technological solutions for our customers' needs.

Assignation of a complete team to take care of your software development needs.

Advantages of our service

100% management of the development teams.

Continuous interaction with the project through meetings under the agile SCRUM framework.

Implementation of modifications throughout the project.

Guaranteed release of the functional product at the end of each development sprint.

Our workteam

Manages the SCRUM process and removes impediments that may affect on-time product release.

Scrum Master

Provides technical quality assurance of the solutions and supports the team of developers in building flexible and scalable solutions over time.

Technical leader

They make magic and build software solutions according to what is expected from the product.


Supports the client from product conception to the creation of graphical prototypes that are input for the developers.

UX/UI Designer

This role is assumed by the client. This person is in charge of providing the development team with the description of what is expected from the product through user stories.

Product Owner

Other services

Staff Augmentation:

Assignation of Developers, Scrum Master, Product Owner, QA, Tech Lead, Architect or UI/UX Designer according to client’s needs.

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