We created a platform that allows the management of real estate properties from a single place.

SODA, in collaboration with Cidenet, has revolutionized property management in Colombia through the development of an innovative leasing software. This digital platform allows users to efficiently and simply manage their properties on their own, marking a milestone in the real estate sector.

Challenge: Simplification of Property Management

The main challenge for SODA was to change the way properties are managed in Colombia, facilitating a system that would allow owners and tenants to handle leases quickly and without complications.

Solution: Development of Advanced Leasing Software

To overcome this challenge, Cidenet designed and developed a leasing software that stands out for its series of intuitive functionalities, enabling self-management of properties. The project leveraged cutting-edge technologies such as Angular, Python, AWS, and PostgreSQL to ensure a robust, scalable, and highly available platform.

Impact: Outstanding Results Since Launch

Immediate Reach:

Growth and Future Goals:

Availability and Reliability:

Technologies used

We developed the platform based on the following technologies:

Conclusion: Innovation at the Service of the Real Estate Market

The initiative of SODA, supported by the technical expertise of Cidenet, has not only improved the way properties are managed in Colombia, but has also established a new standard in the real estate sector. This success story reflects the potential of digital technology to optimize traditionally complex processes, opening new possibilities for owners and tenants in the field of real estate management.