Who should be part of a software development team?

The software development team is crucial to the success of any software project. That's why building the right team can be a challenge, as each project and company has unique needs. In this article, we will discuss the roles and skills needed to build an effective software development team.

What does the Design Thinking process look like?

The Design Thinking process is a simple set of four steps: define, ideate, prototype, and learn. These steps are not linear, that is, throughout it, it is possible to return to a previous stage or even, upon completing the cycle, redefine aspects of the product or service that had not been initially considered.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem solving. The process begins with understanding the needs and motivations of the end user.

Scrum Master


We are looking for a Scrum Master with 2+ years of experience, highly motivated, experienced and passionate about agile project management.

Keep your development architecture updated

Since the beginning of software development, there has been a problem that falls on the developer, but that did not have to do with our code, but with the application’s architecture.