Las Americas Clinic (Auna)

Innovating Clinical Management in Colombia

We implemented a digital tool with the objective of optimizing the daily validation of control and authorization of the billing process of the Auna Group's clinics. This is done by digitizing the requirements and monitoring their compliance, in order to achieve a correct collection and minimize re-processing.

The collaboration between AUNA and Cidenet has marked a milestone in the digitalization of clinical processes, developing an advanced digital tool for the control and authorization of billing at Auna Group Clinics, which has significantly improved efficiency and transparency in administrative management.

Challenge: Optimization of the Clinical Billing Process

AUNA faced the challenge of improving and streamlining its clinical billing processes, seeking a solution that would allow more efficient control and easier authorization of bills issued by the group's clinics.

Solution: Development of a Cutting-Edge Digital Tool

To tackle this challenge, Cidenet contributed its deep knowledge in software development, creating a technological solution that revolutionized the billing process. This project stood out for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, MySQL, Laravel, PHP, Flutter, and Dart, ensuring a robust, secure, and adaptable platform to the complex needs of billing in the clinical environment. The integration of these technologies allowed the development of an intuitive interface and an efficient backend, capable of handling large volumes of data and billing processes with high precision and speed.

Impact: Transformation in AUNA's Administrative Management

Improved Efficiency:

Innovation in Health Services:

Used technology

We developed the platform based on the following technologies:

Conclusion: Setting New Standards in Digital Health

The collaboration between AUNA and Cidenet has proven to be a resounding success, demonstrating the power of digital technology to transform health services. This success story not only highlights AUNA's ability to innovate for the benefit of its clients and staff but also reinforces Cidenet's role as a key partner in the development of advanced technological solutions for the healthcare sector. This project not only improves the daily operations of the Auna Group Clinics but also lays the groundwork for future innovations in the field of clinical and administrative management.

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