Supporting initiatives to revive the economy

Ana Cristina Trujillo
Communications and Marketing Director

A few entries from this blog, Juan Diego Echeverri, director of operations shared an article on how to take advantage of the opportunities that arise during the pandemic.

Today I want to tell you about one, of many, that we have taken advantage of at Cidenet. This consists of supporting technology-based ventures, with high potential for growth and development, and being part of an interesting sector that has been vulnerable before this crisis, such as the beauty sector.

According to Dane figures, in Antioquia, there are 2,519 beauty establishments and hairdressing salons, which since last June 8 are on the list of companies that have been reactivated, but only under compliance with strict biosecurity measures and being approved on the Platform “Medellín Me Cuida”. A panorama that, for many, of these businesses is not encouraging because they are not formalized or do not have how to make the adjustments that are required for the operation, in addition to the fear of the population to access these services in public places.

With this panorama, WeGoo becomes the perfect opportunity to achieve the economic reactivation of this important sector.

What is WeGoo?

WeGoo is an online services intermediation platform, which in its first phase offers home barber services connecting with the needs of consumers and under all biosecurity standards, which eliminates the uncertainty of leaving the house.

To access this innovative service, only, it is required to download the application that is available for Android and iOS, fill out a simple form, and request the service.

They are currently providing hair cutting, beard grooming, and eyebrow services, and serving clients from Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, but are in the process of expanding to other municipalities.

Our support

For Cidenet, the support provided to this Startup is a boost for the beauty sector and the economy in general and consists, not only, in the technical aspects to improve the development of the application software and its website, but in accompaniment and advice on managerial, administrative, and marketing and communications issues, seeking to generate connections with their potential clients and expanding their range of reach.

Now looking good at home is just a click away. Dare to use this new app.