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Innovating in the Honduran Insurance Sector

We developed a multiplatform mobile application (Android & iOS) in which insurance agents can view and keep track of their sales bonuses in an easy, intuitive and friendly way. React Native and Java technologies were used.


95% of the strategic allies of Ficohsa Seguros are registered in the Fico Corredor application.

Reduction of bank transaction processes manually that took 3 days, to just 9 minutes and virtually.

The web portal that offered 11 functionalities now offers more than 120. This benefits Ficohsa Seguros clients, strategic allies and suppliers.

The collaboration between Ficohsa Seguros and Cidenet has marked a before and after in the insurance sector in Central America, thanks to the development of an advanced technological solution that facilitates the management of insurance through a multiplatform mobile application.

Challenge: Obstacles in Management and Accessibility of Insurance Services

Ficohsa Seguros sought to overcome limitations in the management and accessibility of its services, facing challenges such as the need to streamline manual processes of banking transactions and improve the user experience for its insurance brokers.

Solution: Development of a Multiplatform Mobile Application

To address these challenges, Cidenet developed a multiplatform mobile application for Android and iOS, aimed at Ficohsa's insurance brokers. This app allows brokers to view and manage their sales commissions intuitively and efficiently, using technologies like React Native and Java. Additionally, the frontend of the Ficohsa Seguros web portal was renewed to improve access to information and the services offered.

Impact: Digital Transformation and Improved Efficiency

Operational Effectiveness:

User Reception:

Used technology

We developed the platform based on the following technologies:

Conclusion: Digital Revolution in Insurance: A Path Towards the Future

The strategic alliance between Ficohsa Seguros and Cidenet has charted a new course in the world of insurance, demonstrating the transformative power of digital technology. Through this collaboration, not only has there been optimization of processes and improved operational efficiency, but also an enrichment of the insurance brokers' experience with intuitive and accessible digital tools. This project stands out as a model to follow in the industry, proving that technological innovation is key to adapting to current market demands and anticipating future needs.

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