We improved the functionality and performance of SuAportePlus, a system that allows you to pay social security online.

The SuAporte Plus project by Arus, supported by Cidenet, represents a significant advancement in the digitalization of social security processes in Colombia, making it easier for companies and affiliates to efficiently manage their contributions.

Challenge: Modernization of Social Contribution Management

Arus set out to transform SuAporte Plus, its system for the settlement of social security online. Its aim was to optimize its operation, expand its accessibility, and improve the user experience for a broad percentage of contributors in Colombia.

Solution: Comprehensive Technological Support and Renewal

Cidenet provided advanced technological support, developing and implementing significant improvements to SuAporte Plus using technologies such as Java, JavaFX, Docker, Jasper Reports, MySQL, and HSQLDB. This joint effort led to a complete update of the system, increasing its efficiency and reliability.

Impact: Efficiency and Accessibility in Contribution Settlement

Technological Improvements:

Service Reach:

Technologies used

We developed the platform based on the following technologies:

Conclusion: Innovation at the Service of Social Security

The collaboration between Arus and Cidenet on the SuAporte Plus project shows how technological innovation can be successfully applied in the social security sector, providing efficient and accessible solutions that benefit both companies and affiliates. This success story demonstrates the potential of digital technologies to transform essential services, marking a milestone in the digitalization of processes in Colombia.