Arroyo Consulting

We increase the operational capacity of our client's development teams to improve their performance.

The success story of Arroyo Consulting illustrates how collaboration with Cidenet has significantly expanded the capacity of its development teams, overcoming geographical and cultural challenges to strengthen its presence in the technology industry.

Challenge: Increasing Development Capacity in Record Time

Arroyo Consulting faced the challenge of quickly scaling its development team to meet the growing market demands. The need to integrate quality talent in a short period of time was crucial to maintain its competitiveness and achieve the goals of its projects.

Solution: Staff Augmentation Strategy

Cidenet provided a staff augmentation solution, managing to increase the capacity of Arroyo Consulting's development team by up to 4 developers in less than 20 working days. This achievement stood out not only for the speed of integration, but also for the quality of the talent coming from three differente countries: El Salvador, Venezuela, and Honduras. This great achievement demonstrated Cidenet’s skills to overcome geographical and cultural barriers in forming cross-cultural teams.

Impact: Strengthening Teams and Global Expansion

Talent Expansion:

Geographic Diversity:

Technologies Employed:

Technologies used

We developed the platform based on the following technologies:

Conclusion: Overcoming Borders to Success

The collaboration between Arroyo Consulting and Cidenet has proven to be a successful model of how staff augmentation can serve as a catalyst for the rapid and effective growth of development teams. This experience has not only reinforced the operational capacity of Arroyo Consulting, but has also set a precedent in the industry on the importance of diversity and international collaboration in building high-performance teams.