Meet 15Five software for managing remote teams

Why do you need a remote equipment management solution?

Even the best employees can go offline when managers and colleagues are not around to collaborate and encourage them. Even the best employees can feel lost at some point.

The truth is, managing remote employees requires efficient communication. Without it, minor problems can quickly become major problems and can lead to misalignment with the company’s key objectives.

15Five is a solution that helps companies establish regular and standardized processes for remote management of team performance and gives leaders the tools they need to manage their workforce from anywhere.


  • Check-ins and 1-on-1: track and record conversations with your team members.
  • High Fives: amplify your culture with recognition and gratitude to all members of your team.
  • Goals: keep your goals visible at all times, so they are aligned and on the minds of all members of your team.
  • Remote job training: access to services and education to constantly train your employees.
  • Security: all information and communication is encrypted and protected according to industry standards.


  • 15Five is a reliable solution.
  • Monitor the growth of your company’s results.
  • Define objectives, manage them and monitor them through Key Result (the key activities to achieve them).
  • Effectively and easily carry out surveys, individual meetings and periodic reviews.
  • Learn where the challenges and focus of your employees are.
  • It measures how each person feels, from week to week, to identify anomalies or disconnection in time before it is too late.

Interested in 15Five

Today, when your employees are working from home, it’s more important that they feel connected, informed, and that they are a valuable resource. With 15Five you can do it.

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This solution allows you to manage remote employees as part of a gear that works with a clear vision, plus you can easily address performance issues, set goals, and have a smooth way to collect feedback.


This tool allows you to prevent teammates from dispersing while maintaining the corporate culture.