DevOps methodology that everyone is talking about

Lorena Martínez Holguín
Communications analyst in Cidenet S.A.S.

DevOps is one of the most mentioned terms, currently, by software development companies and in the IT industry.

But what is DevOps and what are the benefits of its implementation?

According to the digital magazine Paradigma “DevOps, development and operations, it refers to a software development methodology that focuses on communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and systems professionals in Information Technology (IT)”.

DevOps allows you to manufacture software faster, with higher quality, lower cost, and a very high frequency of deployments.

At Cidenet we have implemented this methodology with five of our clients with successful results because the speed of deployment has changed from days to minutes, said development leader Pablo Muñoz Zapata.

“You can deploy more software in less time, speed up the delivery of new versions, and fix problems faster, creating an improved user experience.”