A time of crisis, a time of opportunities

Juan Diego Echeverri Mesa
COO and co-founder of Cidenet S.A.S.

Throughout our lives, we have heard countless times that we are in a time of crisis. Politics, the economy, and society itself have been protagonists, at the first level, of this recurring and constant perception. Today we find a new protagonist: health, and not because it hadn’t previously appeared among that long list of crisis subjects, but because today’s is a special case, it is not our crisis, it is a world crisis that has an impact, besides, all the areas mentioned before and more.

Now, the purpose of this article is not to talk about the crisis. We have enough with the large amount of information that we receive minute by minute, but on the contrary, talk about the opportunities that are in it.

I don’t intend to make it seem that nothing is happening, that everything can go and continue within normality, I only seek, from what it has been for Cidenet, to present a scenery in which the things, although they have represented a significantly high challenge, they have also opened new alternatives, new points of view, new horizons.

I can speak with propriety that during the last weeks Cidenet has managed to maintain its operation thanks to two fundamental factors: the technical factor tied directly to information and communication technologies; and the human factor tied directly to the trust and response from our clients and collaborators.

Within Colombian labor legislation, there is a section that is not new, but that has – had – cost to adopt in our organization. I am talking about home office and teleworking, which are certainly not the same, and which have special and particular labor and legal implications, but explaining them is not the purpose of my reflection either.

Cidenet It has been a company that has ensured to provide confidence and flexibility to its collaborators, which is why home office – sporadic – was already part of our day-to-day work, not teleworking.

Since January 2020, our Human Talent area had initiated a pilot plan in this way, in which four of our collaborators would do weekly telework sessions. This pilot plan was the result of an arduous study of the standard to guarantee that we were ready and that everything was under the legal framework required for it, which was formalized at the organizational level under a structured policy and adhered to the standard itself, we didn’t know that we were preparing for what two months later we would be forced to assume.

Today, after entire weeks in which our collaborators have had to work from home due to the contingency, we have received a satisfactory response: our clients haven’t presented any problems, our collaborators have responded with commitment and Cidenet has found, like many other companies, an opportunity to operate under new forms, as well as possible alternatives to other difficulties that have been latent over time, such as physical space and its distribution, which, to the extent that the quantitative growth of our team represents another challenge for our company.

As Cidenet S.A.S., our clients and some companies or individuals, have found in this situation new opportunities that were hidden in the comfortable day to day to which we were accustomed; health, logistics, physical training, among other areas of different markets, have seen new horizons that, from our hand, we hope can be materialized.

The invitation is, then, to find in the difficulty, in the crisis, the small details. To understand that after this, perhaps, the world will be different and those small details can be transformed into opportunities that make a difference.