Cidenet and innovation

Cidenet is a provider of software services that has extensive experience in the development of customized solutions, this places it by definition in the knowledge industry. As is well known, this knowledge economy implies that science, technology and innovation condition the development of countries since these factors become a source of economic and social development, and it is already affirmed without doubt that innovation translates in new products, processes and services in markets that in turn imply new jobs associated with technology.

Returning to the specific case of software development companies and analyzing the Colombian case, we see that although we have significant progress in the region, if we do not emphasize the innovation promotion, we risk limiting ourselves to offering workforce services of coding for other countries, tendency that we see is increasing in the country. Unlike other areas, innovation based on software development services occurs within the framework of a natural understanding of the digital environment and goes hand in hand with the changes imposed by global trends, that is why at Cidenet we believe that we have the ability to be on par with the great innovators of the world.

Regarding the research, development and innovation (R & D & I) model that we want to adopt, we know that we can draw on the ecosystem of knowledge that already exists in the region. We believe that as solitary agents we reduce our capacity for competition, while interacting with different actors, learning from their experience and contributing our own, we increase our impact on society and markets. At Cidenet we started to follow this path convinced that in a few years we will be offering new products to the market, and as we declare in our vision, we expect them to represent 40% of our revenues.

We currently have an area of innovation and we are in an exploration stage, validation of ideas and learning methodologies and innovation tools. Additionally, our model considers 4 aspects that we believe are essential to reduce the innovation gap that the country has with respect to the world: technology, human talent, capital and know how.

Our vision and discourse are built around the dream that human life and society actually can be better, that’s why we hope, with new technology-based products, to answer questions and needs that are unresolved in our local and regional context, for, at a more advanced stage, to extend them to the world level. We want to take advantage of our singularities as a society and translate them into economic progress, initially from the point of view of software.

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